Is it possible to get a private prescription for diazepam 2mg tablets to
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Is it possible to get a private prescription for diazepam 2mg tablets to

Polemeds.orgDiazepam 2mg tablets nhs
9.13.2017 | John Addington
Diazepam 2mg tablets nhs
Is it possible to get a private prescription for diazepam 2mg tablets to

That sounds like a good idea! All the best. Dr Jef.

Dr Jef. I would not advise you to buy anything over the internet - these drugs are precription only.

You need to see your own GP again, or another - they owe you a duty of care to treat you - if not with diazepam - then something else.

Your GP will only prescribe if she or he feels it is appropriate to do so.


If so then they must give you a NHS prescription ( under the terms of NHS service). Dr Jef Hi.

OK thanks for your reply. Do you know of a site that is genuine?. As I said it is not possible to get it from my own GP I know you can get it on the internet so maybe that will be my only option although I'm a little concerned as to how genuine these will be.

Thanks Get well soon. Hi. If you have pain and you need diazepam get yourself referred to a specialist and get the prescription.

Please see your doctor if he think it beneficial for you he will advise you. Regards Dr Hasan.

Regards Dr Hasan Hi. Visit your doctor and get prescription from him if he suggests.

Hi. Please feel free to get back to me.

Sorry i dont know about such sites.

Hi there - if I accept your answer does this mean that I have to pay for a second time because if it does I'm sorry I cannot afford to but I do accept your advice and I was also very pleased and would be very happy to leave you positive feedback. Thank you for being so courteous and helpful.

Thanks for your question.

The rule is that you cannot get the diazepam until you see a registered doctor and he prescribes you. I am sorry to hear about your pain but its against the law to give prescription on website. Any prescription needs direct patient doctor relationship.

Clearly there is a contradiction in how your GP is prescribing - diazepam is a benzodiazepine as are most sleeping tablets - so it seems somewhat crass to presribe one and not the other.

If you are talking about getting prescription from a doctor working at a private registered setup then the answer is yes.

But if mean to get it on internet or on a website or on the counter then the answer is NO.

I am a UK based GP.

In fact, that is not quite true, as diazepam has the longest half life ( duration of action ) it is actually less addictive.

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Diazepam 2mg tablets nhs